Newspaper headlines: Tory tax cut promise and Trump ‘gets hump’

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Image caption The Times is among the papers to splash with Boris Johnson’s statement of intent for the first 100 days of a new Tory government, should the party win the 12 December general election. The prime minister says he will present a February “Brexit Budget” if the UK leaves the EU by 31 January. This would include a pledge to raise the National Insurance threshold to £9,500 from April, the paper says.
Image caption The Daily Telegraph includes further detail about the Budget, claiming average families with two earners would see a tax cut of up to £200 per year if the National Insurance threshold is raised. The paper’s front page also claims London Bridge attacker Usman Khan was upgraded to a “high risk” inmate in prison after making threats to senior staff.
Image caption Meanwhile, the Sun says Mr Johnson’s statement of intent is his “10 commandments”. The prime minister has also promised to deliver on manifesto pledges about crime and health within the first 100 days if he wins the election.
Image caption Elsewhere, the Guardian leads on US President Donald Trump cutting short his attendance at the Nato summit in London on Wednesday after a group of leaders, including Justin Trudeau and Mr Johnson, were filmed discussing an impromptu press conference held by Mr Trump. Mr Trudeau appears to mock the president in the clip.
Image caption “Trump gets the hump” is the Metro’s headline after Mr Trump flew back to the US. The president called Mr Trudeau “two-faced” over the footage and cancelled a press conference planned for after the summit.
Image caption The i carries an interview with an NHS cardiologist who claims that “systemic political failure” has crippled the health service and contributed to his mother’s death. Dr Aseem Malhotra tells the paper his mother suffered hospital setbacks which led to her premature death, but stresses it “was not the result of individual failings”.
Image caption The Daily Mirror front page reports that Boris Johnson earned more than £700,000 in outside earnings in the last year – more than any other MP.
Image caption The Daily Express leads on an ITV interview with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in which he appeared not to know the time of the Queen’s speech on Christmas Day. He said it was on in the morning, when it is actually broadcast at 15:00. Mr Corbyn said he and his family “don’t watch much television on Christmas Day” and are often out visiting homeless shelters.
Image caption The Financial Times reports the property sector has been hit by further Brexit uncertainty. Fund manager M&G has halted trading in its £2.5bn property fund after a retail downturn prompted investors to withdraw their money. It is the first in the property sector to suspend withdrawals since a series of funds did so after the 2016 EU referendum, the paper says.
Image caption Finally, the Daily Star’s front page claims a pregnant woman had to fight off an eagle which targeted her Jack Russell outside a primary school.

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